Sunday, January 17, 2016

House Painting Testimonials Windham NY

Windham NY house painting testimonial from a Kellogg's Painting client. 

"My husband and I where very impressed by Kellogg's Painting. They where friendly, efficient, thorough and professional. They did a superb job with the exterior of our home. We highly recommend them and plan on using this painting company again in the future. Thanks for being a great contractor." Jodi Windham NY log home staining project

Friday, January 15, 2016

The Meaning Of A Red Front Door

If you have a home in the Catskills or Hudson Valley upstate NY areas you may have a front door painted red. I was curious, as to the meaning of a homes front door painted red, as Kellogg's Painting does paint a lot of doors red in the Catskills and Hudson Valley New York areas. 

Going back in time a homes front door painted the color red meant welcome. Tired travelers using horse and buggy would know that they could stop in your home and rest, as they would be welcomed. 

This Hudson Valley homes front door was painted red by the painters at Kellogg's Painting in Leeds, NY. 

If you want welcoming energy then painting your Hudson Valley or Catskills homes front door red is for you. In Feng Shui your homes front door is known as the "Mouth of Chi", which energy enters. If you believe in Feng Shui then painting your door red welcomes positive energy into your home. 

Churches painted the doors red to represent the blood of Christ.Once you walked in the church through the red doors that would signify you where on holy ground. Some people believe that a red front door will protect its homes occupants from evil. 

When a home owner paid off their mortgage in Scotland they would paint the front door red. This would signify that they now own the home debt free. 

These may not be all of the reasons for a red front door, but through research they seem to be the most common meanings of a front door painted red. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Kitchen Painting Contractor Hudson NY
Hudson NY Kitchen Painting ContractorsThese are two different kitchens freshly painted in a Hudson, NY apartment building. The kitchens have been painted by Kellogg's Painting Contractors. Our professional interior home painters painted the ceilings, trim, doors and walls in these kitchens. If you need a professional Hudson, NY painting contractor and house painter for your property visit us on the web or call us today 518.965.0720.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Hudson, NY Living Room Painting Contractor

Hudson NY interior house paintersHudson NY interior painting contrcator

Kellogg's Painting house painters painted this Hudson, NY living room area. Our professional painters painted the trim, ceilings, doors, walls and fire place surround in this newly remodeled Hudson, NY building. The wall color is grey and the trim is white. The fireplace mantel was original to the building and restored by Kellogg's Painting.

interior house painters Hudson NYHudson NY interior painting company

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hudson NY Interior House Painting

Hudson NY Interior House Painters
Hudson NY Interior House Painters
Hudson NY Interior Painting Contractor
Hudson NY Interior Painting Contractor
A few photos of an interior painting project in Hudson, NY that the painters at Kellogg's Painting has completed. Our painting company painted all walls, ceilings, trim and doors in these photos.

Hudson NY Interior Painting Company
Hudson NY Interior Painting Company